Poem for Feb 02

Acarya's Writing

Padyavali, Anthology of Devotional Poetry
Srila Rupa Gosvami

(The Gopi Who Controls Her Lover)
Krsnanantaram sri-krsnasya svapnayitam

(After Enjoying Transcendental Pastimes, Lord Krishna Takes a Nap and Speaks in His Sleep)

TEXT 253

“O Laksmana, now that I
am separated from Janaki,
these rainclouds torture Me,
and these cruel breezes
blowing from the kadamba flowers
violently strike My heart.”

As Radha heard sleeping Krishna’s description
of His feelings of separation in a previous birth,
She became frightened and filled
with jealous anger. May dreaming Lord Krishna
delight you all.

—Sri Subhanka