Poem for Jan 12


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Radha-Govinda, I practice vaidhi-bhakti to You
following some rules and regulations,
although very few. I offer You
three meals a day and wave
an incense stick before You.
My puja is very simple.
My main seva to You
is to receive Your steady
darsana throughout the day –
three times when I am
saying Your gayatri prayers
and many glances while I am
sitting in my chair writing
or reading. When I
think of my present situation,
I willingly wait to rise to the
stage of spontaneous love
and see You as non-different
from Radha-Krishna in Goloka-Vrindavana.
I want to feel physical transformations
of ecstasy, and I wait patiently for it.
I am grateful You reside with me at Viraha Bhavan.