Poem for Mar 27


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Baladeva opened the tightly-capped
coconut water, and I will have
to drink it soon or it will grow stale.
Yesterday he placed ice cubes
in the pots containing orchids,
because that is how you water them.
But a couple of cubes fell onto the floor.
He also watered the thirty-pound pot
of dirt and mulch that
holds the flourishing Tulasi plant.
We keep a Tulasi plant beside
the altar of Radha-Govinda,
and after two days change her
and bring her back downstairs
directly under the grow light
so that she can get full nourishment.
The plants and flowers are dependent
on our devotion to them.
They will grow according to
the bhakti in the service.
I am grateful Radha-Govinda reside
with us in Viraha Bhavan.