Poem for Apr 21


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Radha-Govinda, we put fresh flowers
in vases that flank You.
After two days, they
begin to fade. Right
now, peach-colored roses
are slightly overblown.
Lord Caitanya has a fresh
tulasi garland; it will
last Him a week.
The flowers and garlands
are an essential part of Deity worship.
They are part of the puja and seva.
The dress on the arca-vigraha
is also essential.
So is the offering
of full meals three times a day.
Informal darsanas
at all times
are the heart of the relationship.
In the center of everything is devotion.
As Krishna says in _Bhagavad-gita_:
“If one offers Me a leaf, some water,
or a flower, when given in devotion,
I accept it.”
Therefore, spontaneous devotion
is the most important thing of all.