Poem for May 11


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Radha-Govinda, today we will have a
festival for Lord Nrsimha’s Appearance Day
at our asrama. I will ask Ravindra Svarupa
to give the main talk, and I will give
a short talk about my worship
of Nrsimhadeva in connection with
Radha-Govinda. I received the Lord
Nrsimhadeva murti many years ago
and placed Him on the altar, but
when I received Radha-Govinda
I couldn’t realize the relationship of
the worship of the two arca-vigrahas.
Then one day it occurred to me
I would occasionally have trouble
approaching the divine conjugal couple.
Obscene words would sometimes pop up
in my impure mind during darsana.
I was helpless, and the words ruined
my worship. So I began to start my
darsana by first offering a prayer
to Nrsimhadeva in my mind:
“Dear Lord Nrsimhadeva, as You
tore apart Hiranyakasipu with
Your ironlike nails, please
tear apart the dirty thoughts
that come to me when I look
at Radha-Govinda.”
The prayer worked wonders.
It immediately vanquished the
dirty thoughts, and I was able to
worship Radha-Govinda in peace.
This is how my prayer
to Lord Nrsimhadeva
served to allow me
to approach Radha-Govinda.
I am grateful to Lord Nrsimhadeva
for hearing my prayers from His
throne on the altar, and
grateful that Radha-Govinda
reside with us in Viraha Bhavan.