Poem for May 23

Personal Stanza

We had a special Hawaiian lunch
prepared by Kaliya Damana
who lived there for seven years.
While serving the preparations
he spoke at length about Hawaiian lore.
The servings were breadfruit,
tempeh veggie burgers,
and a drink of ginger mint tea.
It was a delightful combination.
Kaliya Damana’s presence is a great boost to
the ashram; he takes over many duties and
assigns duties to the other devotees, giving
Baladeva relief and time to take needed rest.

We just posted the Announcement for
the July 1 mid-year meeting of my disciples
at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall
in Stuyvesant Falls.
I am in the process of writing my speech.
I really hope many devotees will come
and that we will have full attendance.
This is a relaxed gathering
with no threat of snow or ice on the roads.
It gets dark late in the day
so everyone should be able
to attend the 4:00 P.M. meeting
where I will distribute a new book.
If you are a disciple, friend or well-wisher,
please attend!