Poem for May 27

Japa Poem

I want to really understand how important it is to beseech the mind to cooperate with our attempts to chant japa. In a sense, the mind is responsible for our japa. When the mind is under control, we can actually hear the holy names without being attentive to other “noises.” It requires the cooperation of the mind.

Of course, we also know that it is not just the “badness” of our minds, but the material world is filled with distraction. However, the mind has become so implicated in past activities and impressions that he has become part of the problem.

Krishna’s power and attraction is greater than maya’s, so although it is not easy for the mind, we have to coax him, sometimes sternly, and preach to him about the wonderful effects that will come from hearing the holy name in faith. So manah-siksa, to instruct and pray to the mind, is a central part of japa.

(_Begging for the Nectar of the Holy Name_)


I discuss the importance
of controlling the mind
during japa. The mind
is responsible for the
quality of our chanting,
and it will not work if it is filled
with distractions. Krishna is
more powerful than maya,
but we have to
preach and pray to
the mind to
surrender to hearing
the Hare Krishna mantra.