Poem for Jun 11


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Radha-Govinda, You stand before me
in golden hue, wearing a
cream outfit with prominent
male and female peacocks, especially
on Radharani’s expansive skirt.
You wear lovely cloth
crowns: Govinda wears an actual
peacock feather on top of His,and
Radharani’s is shaped like a candrika.
You are the cynosure of all eyes in Vrindavana,
situated at the peak of Your youthful beauty.
Sometimes when You play, Radharani
manifests mauna (jealous anger), and
this has to be subdued by Krishna’s flute.
You create, maintain and annihilate
the Universes through Your expanded forms
of the gigantic Vishnus. You are happiest
when You are together in Vraja, as a
brilliant cowherd boy and girl.
I am grateful that Radha-Govinda
reside with me in Viraha Bhavan.