Poem for Jun 22


Radha-Govinda, Baladeva didn’t say Your names
while waking You up. But then, he began
singing “Jaya Radha-Govinda” before
starting his vow. Prabhupada said we
should chant 16 rounds on
beads and then chant
“innumerably” off the beads.
Rama Raya’s harinama party chants six
hours in public every day.
Thoughts of devotees always chanting the Names
out loud or silently in the mind:
It starts
with a little faith
and goes on to associating
with pure devotees. Then
one obeys the rules and regulations
and this leads
to firm faith in the Names.
Then he has a taste
for the nectar of the Names.
This state is followed by bhava,
ecstasy for chanting.
Prema is the highest stage
where one experiences symptoms in the body
in pure love for Krishna,
the reservoir of all pleasure.