Poem for Jul 18

Personal Stanza

Kaliya Damona left last night
after three or four months
of solid service
residing at Viraha Bhavan.
He was very helpful to Baladeva
and was friendly to all our guests.
Kaliya will go to his homeland,
California, but he wants to
return to us again. He desires
to form a bhajan group of
“troubadours” who will sing
kirtan and play various instruments.
One of the troubadours, a woman
jazz singer named Esme, dropped by
yesterday. She sang “Summertime”
expertly with the ukulele. For
school she is writing an 80-page paper
called “Love Letters to Jack Kerouac.”
Natabara Gauranga is helping
Kaliya to design a website
for his troubadour group.
Natabara also goes down regularly
to the river, studies Prabhupada’s
books and chants his japa.
He is a pure young man, and an
enlivening addition to our asrama.
He is taking a break from chanting
six hours daily in the New York City
harinama party. Late last night
harinamers Rama Raya and Madhu
Mangala arrived. I will be glad
to see them at lunchtime.