Poem for Jul 25

Personal Stanza

Seven-year-old Acyuta is not
allowed to attend the Waldorf School
for the time being.
They do not have enough room for him.
He is staying at home and his mother,
Linda, is engaging him as her assistant.
Rather than have him sit around and watch
television cartoons, or read comics, she
engages him in doing whatever she is doing.
There is another approved school
in Hudson that will open in a week
and he can attend there.

The title for the car
that Dhanurdhara Swami gave us
finally arrived in the mail from Albany.
Dhanurdhara Maharaj has returned from travels
and so he can put his signature to the title
and we can progress to make it entirely legal
for us to use the car. This is a great relief.
Since Danurdhara’s return yesterday,
we started up again sending him daily lunch.
Yesterday was pasta, baby potatoes,
brussel sprouts and bread.

We brought our tulasi plants in pots
from out of the front yard and
put them up on the porch.
We will spray them against spider mites
with neem oil mixed with water.
I will be missing the tulasi plant from
my upstairs bhajana-kutir.

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