Poem for Jul 26

Japa Report

I began my japa at a moderate pace,
hoping to be attentive,
to meet my quotas, and
to make a short Japa Report.
I practiced “just hear.”
“Just hearing” is an elevated state.
I chant and hear clearly,
but I do not attain
focus completely.
I met my quota after four rounds
with minutes to spare.

I began the second set
at a moderate pace.
Baladeva wasn’t chanting yet,
so I did my japa alone
within the sanctified atmosphere
of the bhajana-kutir.
Although I was chanting
silently in the mind,
I heard the Names clearly,
and with concern to pronounce
the words properly.
I wasn’t much distracted.
I met my quota after eight rounds
with minutes to spare.

I began the third set
at a moderate pace.
I couldn’t enter
a prayerful state,
but I enunciated the rounds
with external attention.
I focused on the beads
and the clock
to monitor my timing.
Besides, I could not sustain
a darsana of Radha-Govinda.
I noted that after
three sets at a moderate pace
I had fallen behind.
I failed to meet
the quota after twelve rounds,
lagging some minutes behind.

On beginning the fourth set,
I called Baladeva in and asked him
to massage my feet
to help me stay alert.
I also switched to a speedy pace.
I caught up in this set
and completed sixteen rounds
with minutes to spare.

I considered it a decent session
despite the period of drowsiness.
I enunciated the mantras
with external attention.
I felt no head pain
for the entire session.
I practiced the process
of doing a prescribed number of rounds
in obedience to the order of the spiritual master,
a sacred vow.

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