Poem for Jul 28

Personal Stanza

Yesterday I went for an appointment
with the doctor. She heard that
I am not able to walk or exercise
on the stationary bike due to the weakness
of my legs. She suggested, at the very least,
a full leg massage would be helpful, and
some leg-lifting exercises while in bed.
But mainly we are waiting for a physical therapist
to start making regular visits to Viraha Bhavan,
where he will guide me in physical exercises
to gain back my leg strength.

Yesterday I also chanted on new beads for
Ananda Kishore and his seven-old son, Acyuta.
I asked Acyuta to try and chant one round a day,
but I don’t know if he is too young
to discipline himself to do it.

Ananda Kishore gave me a full leg massage
with lotion last night and it felt good.
Last night at a quarter to one I tried to get up
but I fell from my bed to the floor. Fortunately
I did not get hurt. I called for Baladeva and
he came in and fixed me up and put me into bed.
All this is part of my weak legs syndrome.

Damodara Rati woke up early and cooked her first lunch.
She made Indian preparations: corn subji, thin
soft-as-butter capatis, savory dhokla cakes and rice.
She also made a delicious desert of apple pie.

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