Poem for Aug 17


Radha-Govinda on Janmastami 2017

Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
For Janmastami, I picked out the most
festive outfit in the collection
of new dresses from Vrindavana
donated by Sastra. The dominating
color is a dark sky-blue.
Radharani’s skirt has three thick
green fronds pointing downward,
at the bottom of the skirt are
scattered pink lotuses.
Below that is a pale green border with
more lotuses. Her effect is more
outstanding than Govinda’s, but
on close inspection, He is
just as handsome in a subtle way.
It is Janmastami,
the Appearance Day of Krishna.
We will have a reading from _Krishna Book_,
kirtan and a feast.