Poem for Jan 26

Acarya's Writing

Padyavali, Anthology of Devotional Poetry
Srila Rupa Gosvami

Pushpa-cchalena shri-krishnam anveshayantim shri-radham prati kasyashcid uktih

Words of a Certain Gopi to Srimati Radharani, Who was Searching for Lord Krishna on the Pretext of Picking Flowers

This is a good path. Don’t think
there are obstacles here. I have seen
this path with my own eyes. It leads
to the Yamuna’s waters where there
are splendid blue lotus flowers.
On the shore is a tamala tree, and
in the grove nearby the male cuckoo
of the Supreme Personality
of Godhead enjoys pastimes.

— Sri Sarvavidyavinoda