Poem for Feb 12

Acarya's Writing

Padyavali, Anthology of Devotional Poetry
Srila Rupa Gosvami

Tatraiva shri-radhikayah saubhagyam
Srimati Radharani’s Good Fortune

Verses 259–60

His flute tucked into His belt,
one lotus hand on a surabhi cow’s back
and the other holding a stick,
lotus-eyed Krishna entered
the village of Vraja.

As Krishna walked on the path
one gopi secretly worshiped Him
with the playful movements of
her vine eyebrows, another with
her sidelong glances, and another
with the moonlight of her smiles.
However, it was on Radha’s face,
which was filled with a graceful beauty
that mocked the other gopis and
broke their pride, that His shy, amorous
glances fell. All glories to those glances
of Krishna, the enemy of Kamsa.

— author unknown (Text 259)
— Sri Umapatidhara (Text 260)