Poem for Feb 12

Japa Poem

My down-to-earth work is making the vibration of the mantra clear, hearing it with the ear, and staying awake. I still have to wrestle with those very basic problems. But I am convinced that I shouldn’t wait ten million years before even attempting to approach Vrindavana. I should struggle for Vrindavana consciousness. I should beg for the mercy of Vraja-dhama and the devotees. They can free me from my distractions and offenses. I belong there with them.

As soon as I realized this more yesterday, I began to see what kind of things would be more favorable for my meditation. It occurred to me that walking back and forth in the backyard where I could see all the hills and sunshine was not so good. It was giving me more a mood of the pleasantness of the Italian countryside, whereas in my room, there is more concentration. I have pictures of Vrindavana in my room, and I tend to think more about the holy dhama when I see the photographs.

(_Begging for the Nectar of the Holy Name_)