Poem for Jun 17

Personal Stanza

John Endler, the Baptist Minister who
has a congregation of 300 persons
and who now lives Krishna consciousness,
made his Friday visit. Just this week
he has increased his japa quota to
sixteen rounds. He feels very committed
and dedicated to the quota. He says
he feels a deep change within himself.
He broke his beads, but Baladeva
gave him a new set anointed with
sandalwood oil, and I have chanted on them.
When he comes, before he cooks, he and I
have a private conversation for about an hour.
He shows me favorite quotes he has found
in my books and Prabhupada’s books.
He says his wife and his parishioners
are commenting that his sermons are
becoming more powerful. He says,
“It is no coincidence!”
He means, he feels influenced and
empowered by his developing
Krishna consciousness.
Yesterday he cooked rice and beans
and insisted that Kaliya Damana
not do his usual service of serving
out the prasadam to the devotees.
John demanded the service
and served out to everyone.
He is still bubbling over about his
meeting with Jayadvaita Maharaj.
He said it was a very inspiring talk.
Yesterday John purchased my four
latest books, the autobiographies.
I signed each book, complimenting him
on reaching sixteen rounds, commenting
on the fact that his sermons are
becoming more empowered, and
hoping he would enjoy the books.
He keeps a notebook and writes
quotations from the books;
entering questions that he asks
me about on a weekly basis.
Jayavaita Maharaj was delighted
with his conversation with John,
and thinks he is an exceptional person