Poem for Jun 17


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Radha-Govinda, tomorrow Mani Manjari
and Alita Manjari will visit, and I
will ask them to clean You
and change Your outfits. It has
been a week since Baladeva
put You in Your present dress
of cream color and dancing peacocks.
I am not bored with seeing You this way,
but the variety will be pleasing.
Radha and Krishna get changed
every day in Goloka-Vrindavana,
and we could do the same for You
if we had qualified pujaris. You wear
the same dress for a week and
look elegant and satisfied.
You patiently accept our
impoverished offering. At least
we give You three full meals a day,
an incense offering, and best of all,
prolonged darsanas of adoration.
I am grateful You reside with us at Viraha Bhavan.