Poem for Jul 04

Personal Stanza

Many devotees have left,
and new ones are arriving.
Since the July 1st mid-year disciples’ meeting
late last night, Sesa Prabhu and his wife Madhumati arrived. They had
been given the wrong dates of the festival
and bought air tickets to arrive here on July 4.
I will have several informal talks with them.

Late tonight, Rasesvari, Baladeva from Trinidad’s daughter, will arrive and stay for almost a week.
She is distributing and compiling the topics of my Looking Back, Volume 2. She is a very careful worker and will go through the manuscript with me before it is ready for final editing and approval by me, and before sending it to Sacisuta for his men to lay out into a proper book. I hope we can do it in time to get it out for Vyasa-puja December 2017.

Gurudas and Brahma-sampradaya have left,
and Gopinatha from Trinidad is staying for a week.
Ananda Kishor and his wife Linda continue
to stay and serve in our ashram through August.
They are welcome guests – very mellow and enthusiastic to serve.