Poem for Jul 04


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Radha-Govinda, You stand close together
and surpass all beauty surrounding You.
Dear Lord, You bring
a devotee back to You
provided he is fully engaged in
Your devotional service. I
ask You to adjust my own program
so that it is more pleasing
to You. I may not say
these words with full sincerity,
but I want to be sincere. If
You make it clear to me
what I have to do to please You,
I could direct myself toward
Your instruction and surrender.
Please direct me, or
at least inform me. You are
caitya-guru, and I
await Your order. My spiritual master,
Srila Prabhupada, is already
directing me, but I need
strength to carry out his order. He
approves that we turn to You for help.
I am fortunate that You, dear Radha-Govinda,
offer me Your darsana and
reside with us at Viraha Bhavan.

[contains segment from
_My Relationship With Lord Krishna_]