Poem for Jul 15

Japa Poem

This morning my chanting was at a low audible whisper. When I chant in the mind, I think it’s due to fear of overstraining (and getting a headache), or maybe it’s laziness. But I remain attentive. Prabhupada said we should cry like a child calling for its mother. That is a wonderful quality. He said Mother Hara (Srimati Radharani) would hear our cry and respond with Her mercy. Am I crying, at least a little? I think so.

(_Japa Transformations_)


I chant at low whisper
fearing that vocal chanting would
bring about head strain.
Prabhupada said we should chant
like a child crying for its
mother. Mother Hara
(Radharani) will hear
our cry and give
us Her mercy.
I think I am
crying. At least, a little.