Poem for Jul 21

Japa Poem

Chanting japa is my solemn duty. Even if you get up late, you have to chant your japa, gradually catching up with the quota. Don’t be sloppy because it’s late. Slow down and be patient and execute the yajña with a sane mind. Repeat the syllables patiently. Try to think of Radha and Krishna. Don’t worry, they will get done, they will get done. It’s a simple thing. Anyone can do it. We should not push it to a corner of the mind and dwell on other things because of its simplicity. Give the mind’s full attention to this simplicity. It’s a prayer to which you can give your whole heart. Call out to Krishna, the Supreme Lord, by saying His name. Call out to Radha, our eternal benefactor, by calling Her name. They can help you. Be sure of that. Use your time for this, and other things can get done at another time. Let it be a day of catching up. But I can chant with leisure and steadfastness. It is not a day to rush. Neither is it a day to be remorseful, but just take it in stride that you have to give your time to the chanting and not to other things. The mantras are a gift and should be handled gratefully. It is no different from another day, except you have more time to dedicate, more time to build the quota, more time to do it nicely. Less time for other things, but that’s all right, because you’re doing the primary thing, and so your day is not wasted, not in the least.

(_Japa Transformations_)


A nice, sane glorification
of the holy names.
“Give the mind’s full attention to
this simplicity.”
Call out to Radha and Krishna,
our eternal benefactors.
Don’t become morose
or rush. Handle
the japa with gratitude.
“You are doing
the primary
thing, and so your
day is not wasted, not
in the least.”

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