Poem for Jul 21

Personal Stanza

Yesterday we observed Ekadasi.
Linda prepared a nice, light meal.
Rama Raya said sometimes Ekadasi
preparations are better than
non-Edadasi meals.
While honoring prasadam, Rama Raya
read aloud from the _Bhagavatam_
First Canto. He reads in a unique
dramatic way, full of enthusiasm
and realization. He has large sections
of the _Bhagavatam_ memorized.
It is always nice when he visits.

My proofreading and editing of
_Looking Back, Volume 2_ is going
reasonably well. I ration out
my reading time so I don’t work at
a marathon pace and get headaches.
I have just written a letter
to Krishna-kripa asking him
to do a proofreading of the book.
As a wandering harinama man
he has a very busy schedule, but
I am appealing to him to take on
this service. He is expert. I want
to give him a three-week deadline
and I hope he will be willing to take it.
Baladeva also wants to do a proofreading.
He is very sensitive
to “ISKCON Censorship Issues.”

I have equipment to listen to Srila
Prabhupada singing bhajanas.
I listen to slow bhajanas at a low
volume during the whole night
while I sleep
until I wake up in the early A.M.
They are an intimate solace.
They help me in my loving relationship
with Prabhupada.

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