Poem for Jul 29

Personal Stanza

John Endler asked me for permission
to obtain and worship a Prabhupada murti.
I said he could do it and now he’s got one.
He wrote the following poem:



May I know you –
having heard of you long after you left this world –
you who have come from the spiritual world precisely
to deliver the restless soul,
made weary by the many long nights it has endured –
may I know you?

I believe that you still come,
that you reveal yourself,
that we may know you
if we put trust that a
the sound of your voice,
the murti in my study
manifests your reality
now greater than the borders of this world.

And I do believe these things,
all of them.
And I believe that the
life in the eyes of my spiritual master
that shines and dances as he recounts your lila
is nondifferent from you.

And I do believe these things
because you have granted to me the miracle of faith
through the mercy that streams from
guru to disciple.


Though I am ever unfit –
and can never be otherwise –
allow me to be your pujari
as I offer to you my
soul –
in this world and in the next.

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