A Message From SDG


A Message From SDG


I was very disappointed that our July gathering was cancelled. But I earnestly ask my disciples to order Meditations and Poems and Daily Compositions. 

The price is $10 for the former and $12 for the latter. Please be aware that Daily Compositions must be ordered from Amazon.

To order Meditations and Poems, please send your home address and a check for $10 made out to “GNP” to Baladeva Vidyabhusana dasa, PO Box 233, Stuyvesant Falls, NY 12174. John Endler will mail the book to you.

This will bring us close together as guru and disciples. These are new books and I expect a big response from my disciples to make up for the cancelled summer meeting. Please don’t disappoint me—order these books.”

An excerpt from Meditations and Poems:

“The life force of my words is Krishna. Krishna is the life force
of everything. I say ‘my words,’ but I don’t
own them. They pass through me. By
convention we say my house, my head, my
soul. But a pure devotee thinks that whatever
he has actually belongs to Krsna. Hrisikena
 . . . Krishna is the controller of the
senses, and the senses should be used in His
service. My words should be used in His service.
He gives the power. If you take the power but don’t
serve Him with it, you are a thief. You will be punished.
You will cheat only yourself. I like this thought and feeling
that Krishna is the life force (prana) of my words. Whether
you acknowledge it or not, your source of strength is Krishna.”

An excerpt from Daily Compositions:

“Chestnuts, stories, what’s
true for me now—orthodox
touchstone, Krishna conscious nerve
brushing death and rebirth
but they say there are too many books
for people to read
but I guess that’s all right
because the main thing is process;
going-to-America plans,
staying-in-Ireland plans
having lunch in the here and now
walking to the shed while
touching base with Srimad-Bhagavatam
and prayer and discovering whether it’s all true
and your own dedication
to what the Swami taught . . .”

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3 comments on "A Message From SDG"

  1. My sikha is very long; please, Gurumaharaja, grab ahold and drag this wandering soul back to the shelter of your lotus feet.
    Please help me turn my negative path into a positive one via your divine grace. A foolish servant,
    Bali Maharaja dasa Om Tat Sat

  2. These writings are a blazing torch illuminating the true path back home, Back To Godhead. Om Tat Sat

  3. Dear Maharaja, Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    I love the analysis of process over volume that is in the excerpt that you have posted here from Daily Compositions. It’s inspiring that you took this writing ‘vrata’ as your given service and in years to come we will understand fully the nature of understanding the meditations, deliberations and process of walking the path of bhakti. The older I get the more I understand that we need to document journeys in addition to the destination. I specifically liked that you are organising around the process of writing about Srila Prabhupada, Krishna or your path towards them, or feelings of separation, the teachings and the lessons. It’s important to me that you remember Irish stays and that we had those times to explore snippets, not unlike this, as they were spun from your pen – snippets like episodes of a serial that we waited with baited breath. As you enter your 82nd year, and likewise we grow old in body, those times of energy, enthusiasm and excitement cast long, fond memories. ys AMdd

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