A Day In the Life of Satsvarupa Maharaj


A Day In the Life of Satsvarupa Maharaj

A picture of my life starting from early in the morning when I wake up at 2:00 A.M. and start my japa, with glimpses of my activities through the day, including working on my Journal, and interviews.

Film director: Ishvara Govinda das

Interviews: Baladeva Vidyabhusana das, Krishna dasi d.d.

It begins with the title, “2:00 A.M.” and shows the outside of the house, where it is dark and raining. Suddenly two lights are turned on from within the house, and this means I have awakened and am getting ready for the start of my day. The footage shows me chanting japa on my beads, Baladeva speaks as my “personal assistant” and tells of the etiquette of serving intimately with the spiritual master. The film then shows the time “4:00 A.M.” with me speaking into the Dictaphone after chanting sixteen rounds and composing for my Free Write Journal. This goes on until it’s time for breakfast. The breakfast is cereal, fruits and powdered pistachio nuts. I am filmed going to a morning doctor’s appointment. One can see how lame I am and how I need much assistance in getting from a wheelchair into the car. Meanwhile, the day’s lunch is prepared: iddlis with sambar and coconut chutney, a traditional combination. I say the prasadam prayer in English translation, and we begin to honor the prasadam. Later, Krsna-dasi is shown dressing the Deities and ornamenting the altars with lilacs, carnations and garlands made from lilies of the valley, which are very aromatic. I am shown in the afternoon sitting silently and receiving darsana up close of Radha-Govinda. I do this for a considerable amount of time. At 7:00 PM the lights go out, and I begin to take rest for the night, with background music provided by Jahnavi Harrison and Gaura Vani.

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  1. Prabhu ji,
    Hare Krishna
    As per my study of Holy Shreemad Bagwadh Geeta you are working on Shree Krishna’s order, your way is very hard, you are attaching many people with Shree Krishna, and i know your way goes directly to Shree GOLOKA DHAAM where Shree Radha Rani lives.
    I am inspired by you.
    Hare Krishna ???

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