Invitation to devotees to submit a homage for Guru Maharaja’s 2019 Vyasa-puja


Invitation to devotees to submit a homage for Guru Maharaja’s 2019 Vyasa-puja

Dear Devotees,
This December 7th, the Vyasa-puja celebration for H.H. Satsvarupa dasa Goswami Maharaja in Stuyvesant Falls, New York, will mark his 80th birthday. 

For this all-auspicious occasion, disciples, friends, followers and well-wishers are invited to send short appreciations on the theme of how your association with SDG Maharaja (through in-person contact or through his books, poems, art, recordings, or website) has positively impacted you!

Who can make an offering? This invitation is extended to the entire larger devotee community. The door is wide open to anyone (especially his initiated disciples) who feels their spiritual connection to Krishna or guru has been started or enlivened by SDG Maharaja.

Offerings received on time will be compiled into a full-color birthday book presented to Satsvarupa Maharaja on the day of his Vyasa Puja. Absolute deadline for submissions is November 9, 2019; offerings received after that point will not be included in the printed book presented to SDG Maharaja (although they could still be included in an accompanying ebook.)

Please limit your homage to a reasonable length (max. 500-600 words). Shorter homages are very welcome. A favorite picture you may have taken of or with SDG Maharaja can be included as an attachment with our thanks. Your picture will appear in the ebook along with your offering.
Kindly send your homage to  

Looking forward to receiving your mercy!

Yours in the service of Guru Maharaja and Srila Prabhupada,
SDG Tributes Team

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