Questions and Answers


Questions Answers

Questions and Answers


Despite my weak health I have started writing again. It is “Viraha Bhavan Journal”. It is composed of different sections. One section is “Questions and Answers”.

I am asking my readers to submit questions. When I have accrued enough pages in the journal I will start posting excerpts of the journal on Facebook.

For questions,  don’t make them “Guru stumpers” or too technical or academic. Make them sincere enquiries into my spiritual progress and questions about your own spiritual seeking.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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4 comments on "Questions and Answers"

  1. why is bhakti so difficult for westerners? [when Indians take to it easily]
    yet it is the natural thing [bhakti] for the soul

  2. what is tatastha shakti in relation to jiva/
    and why can not iskcon confirm origin of jiva
    also ritvic [most iskcon devotees would acsept it immediately]
    how to renew devotes faith in gurus in iskcon other than prabhupada

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