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Free Write Journal #306

July 19, 2024 Japa Retreat Journal for 7/19/24 Japa Quotes from Tachycardia Online Journal (Part 15) Dear Lord Krishna, You are in this tired body, but You can refresh it. Think how Prabhupada went on and on, pushing himself and feeling rejuvenated in Krishna consciousness. Pray to Him to visit you with “Emergen-C,” pickup in […]

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Aug 17

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Sat Saṅghā July 6 2024

Satsvarupa dasa Goswami Maharaja Spiritual Family Celebration Saturday, July 6, 2024 What Meeting of Disciples and friends of SDG Where The Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall 845 Hudson Avenue Stuyvesant Falls, New York 12174 There is plenty of parking near the Hall. The facility is just a few minutes’ walk from SDG’s home at 909 […]

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onHis Holiness Satsvarupa das Goswami Maharaja Vyasa Puja 2023

Hare Krishna All Glories to Our Dear Srila Prabhupada All Glories to HH Satsva...

onSat Saṅghā July 1 2023

Zoom possibility???...

onSat Saṅghā July 2 2022

Please accept my humble obeisances . It is so refreshing to listen to your voice...