Poem for Jan 27

Acarya's Writing

Padyavali, Anthology of Devotional Poetry
Srila Rupa Gosvami

Tatra yamuna-tire gataya shri-radhaya saha hareh shankatha
Conversation Between Radha and Krishna on the Yamuna’s Shore

Verse 249

“Who are you?”
“I am a gopi messenger sent by Madhava.”
“What is His message?”
“He says: ‘O beloved, please don’t be angry with Me.’”
“That rascal has given His heart to another girl!”
“O friend, He never stopped worshiping You for a moment.”

Radha was pleased by the nectar
of this conversation. Disguised as
a gopi, Krishna brought Her to
a cottage in the forest grove, and
then revealed His real form. May
smiling Lord Krishna protect you all.

— Sri Vasava