Poem for Jan 27


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Radha-Govinda, You stand before me,
close together, loving each
other more than Your own life’s
breaths, loving all Your confidential
associates, and potentially loving
all living entities who are
Your eternal parts and parcels.
We can approach You only by
pure devotional service, guided
initially by guru, sastra and sadhu.
They teach that You
are the Supreme worshipable
Deities in conjugal love,
and that You do not like
service rendered with
formal awe and reverence.
You are reached
by spontaneous love (raganuga)
offered simply out of
intense greed to serve You.
The arca-vigraha offers
us all opportunity to do
this kind of seva provided
we approach You with a humble, faithful heart.
You are surrounded in the kunja
by plants and flowers,
just waiting for me to come to You
with oblations and to gaze
at You in darsana. I have a
blissful relationship with You,
and I pray to increase it more and more.
I am grateful You reside with me at Viraha Bhavan.