Poem for May 16

Personal Stanza

Kaliya Damana has extended
his stay with us for some extra weeks.
He wrote me a note how he really appreciated
our travels and service many years ago
during the “Lessons from the Road” era.
He recalled how I requested all the men
to write literal snippets of daily occurrences.
He gave me one today from Stuyvesant Falls:
“Opened the front door early this morning
to herald the rising sun, when
in Jodie’s front yard area, three does
stood “frozen” in time, alert and ready
to rocket out of their statue glaze.
This began a frozen gaze
upon one another . . .
a staredown now is over,
She raised her head
and let out a snort of defiance
and bolted away with the
other two in quick pursuit.
A very nice exchange, native
American style!”