Poem for Jun 01


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Radha-Govinda, You are kind to us.
I am glad that You accept
three meals and an incense stick
and allow us unlimited
darsana of Your beautiful
sac-cid-ananda forms.
Living with You is sublime.
It is the solace of my old age.
I approach You in a
blissful mood, and You
allow me to come close.
I hanker for the
full realization of Your
transcendental position. Please
continue to reveal Yourselves
to me as the Divine Couple,
the King and Queen
of Vraja. The rasika gurus
say that Radharani is the greater
of the Two, but Prabhupada said,
“That is out of love.”
Krishna likes Radharani to
dominate Him. He
takes pleasure that way.
Radharani is actually the humble
maidservant who loves
Him unconditionally.
I am grateful to Radha-Govinda
for residing with me in Viraha Bhavan.