Poem for Jul 22

Personal Stanza

Baladeva spoke with Haryashva
and invited him to attend with our group
on Sunday, tomorrow, to see
Yadubara’s film, “Hare Krishna!
The Mantra, the Movement, and
the Swami Who Started It All.” We
have bought him a ticket and
we have eight people from
our asrama planning to attend.
It’s the 3:45 P.M. matinee,
which enables me to get to sleep
without much of a change to my schedule.
I have already invited devotees
to join us for this screening,
so some extra people may come.
But Haryashva “fudged” and told
Baladeva he wasn’t sure if he could attend
because he had no one to cover
his services in the restaurant.
Then I took the telephone and personally
asked Haryashva to join us. Again
he said he couldn’t be sure, but he would
try to get someone to cover for him.
But later, on thinking it over, he
thought he was being foolish to miss
the opportunity. And so,
without waiting to get someone to
cover for him, he got in his car
and drove to Stuyvesant Falls.
He arrived last night.

Our visiting harinama devotee from NYC
has started pulling weeds in our garden.
Baladeva gave him this as an assignment,
but so far it has been too hot outside
to do the work. But yesterday he began.
It’s a very important service
and has been neglected for a long while.
Prabhanu at Gita-nagari was in charge
of the gardening. Whenever he gave
the _Srimad-Bhagavatam_ class,
he would always give the example
that when you water the garden, you
also water the weeds, so weed-pulling
is a necessary duty. There are many
weeds in our garden and Natabara
is enthusiastic to pull them.

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