Poem for Jul 22


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Radha-Govinda, my typist told me
her computer broke down and she
had major trouble proofreading the
manuscript to Looking Back, Volume 2.
She spent 12 hours a day and burned
her eyes and finally couldn’t read at all.
She said, “It was like when you write
in your poem that everything goes
blurry and you cannot continue
gazing at Radha-Govinda.”
I was startled and embarrassed
that I had made this confession
to my readers – that I can’t look
at the Deities in the early morning.
It’s a great deficiency on my part.
I can usually recover later
in the day, but during the japa time
from 2 to 4 A.M., I cannot do it.
I will pray to Their Lordships for
improvement and beg forgiveness
for my present condition.
I am grateful Radha-Govinda
reside with me in Viraha Bhavan

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