Poem for Jul 27


Radha-Govinda reciprocate with me.
Radha-Govinda, You stand steadfast
even when I cannot attain
a large amount of time in darsana.
You look at me with scrutiny and love.
I take one step to You
and You take a hundred steps
to me.
The demon Sisupala always thought
of You – in enmity –
but You granted him
liberation by absorbing him
into Your body.
You gave the witch
Putana liberation to
become one of Your
mothers in Goloka
because she offered
You her breast to suck
– although it was filled with deadly poison.
You are known as
Janardana because
You always see the
good spark in a person’s relationship
with You. “Bhava-grahi janardana.”
Please see the good intention
in my clumsy attempt
to approach You with devotion.
I am grateful Radha-Govinda
reside with me in Viraha Bhavan.

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